Quick and Substantial Healthy Breakfast Recipes

When you get up in the morning, what are your first thoughts? Are you late for work? Haven't you finished your assignments yet? Or are you too low on energy and you don't feel like going to work today? Whatever reasons you may have, what's most important is that you MUST have breakfast for a healthy day ahead.
 If you haven't started your day with a substantial meal, you feel weak and the day will seem monotonous. What we often forget is that breakfast need to be a long affair, which will take time for preparation.
Preparing a small quick meal will help you win a long healthy day. Here are some quick breakfast tips that will give you wholesome nutrition supply to charge you up for the whole day.
Do you have some muffins or toast in the store? Bravo! Compliment it with a glass of milk and here you go! A yummy tasty meal that needs no preparation.
 If you think this is too less to sustain your for more time, add on some fruits or a handful of nuts. You will not only feel energetic throughout the day, but you can also work faster and better.
If you have some more time and not your always not in a hurry, fry some eggs or the all time favorite scrambled eggs with two slices of buttered toast. 
You can pack this for office too and compliment with a glass of juice. This is a perfect breakfast option as you get the right supply of carbohydrates, protein and vitamins.
If you have kids at home, there are many simple and quick recipes that you can prepare on the go. Make a peanut butter sandwich with some jelly. Feed this too your child with a glass of cold milk. You can also try a bowl of oatmeal and some tasty nuts and berries. 
Have you ever tried smoothies drizzled with some honey and cereals as toppings. This is an energizing drink on the weekend before your child is off to play his/her favorite sport. You can also give them a bowl of wheat cream with milk and a blueberry muffin. Be more creative and you will realize there are many healthy breakfast recipes that are easy to make and very healthy.
On the weekend when you have some more time, make some nice breakfast that everyone can enjoy together. Some yummy warm waffles with low fat whipped cream and berries on top? Absolutely Yes! For those who want a tasty breakfast try some Bacon or sausage with scrambled eggs or omelet. Another great option is pancakes with maple syrup and skim milk and some fried eggs.

You can experiment a lot with eggs. Fry omelets loaded with with whacky vegetables like mushrooms, red pepper onion and cheese. This is a fun and healthy way of treating your family on a weekend. It will take only few minutes to prepare some toast and keep on the table a jar full of fresh fruit juice, preferably seasonal.
On the bottom line, breakfast is inevitable and there are numerous ways to prepare a quick and substantial breakfast. Talk with your buddies, exchange some quick recipes, read up on the internet and you will be surprised to know the number of healthy breakfast options you will have to treat everyone!

Author : Kenrick Graham 

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