Best Recipe For Stir Fry

Stir frying is one of the easiest and most economical way of cooking in your own kitcken.
a side from easy it is quick and fast and food will be ready in about an instant,meaning in just a very few minutes of your is economical because it can only use a slice of steak of protein and mixed with lots of vegetables and you can already serve three to four persons as a main entree. 

This is a dream come true especially during those hectic days when you are tired  and want to hit your beds ,but has to cook dinner for the family before doing would always want everything quick and fast so you can go to bed early .

Here is a recipe for stir fry that can answer most of your quick and easy cooking at home when the going gets rough. It is flavorful and savory and will surprisingly get you great reviews from your family. Let us start throwing something to your woks then. 
THE BARBECUE STEAK WITH OYSTER SAUCE STIR FRY MAGIC: This recipe can be prepared in fifteen minutes and cooks in ten minutes. It can yield about four servings on the regular.
One half cup Sinsin Oyster Sauce                  

Two teaspoon minced ginger
Two teaspoon minced red chilli
One fourth cup Sherry
Four lean beef sirloin steaks, scotch or rump (in bite sizes or in strips)
One to two teaspoons sesame oil
One broccoli head, cut into florets
One red capsicum, deseeded and sliced
One red onion, peeled and sliced
Two hundred fifty grams Swiss brown mushrooms, please cut them in quarters


To begin with , let us prepare the sauce.combine the sinsin oyster sauce,the ginger and chili, the sherry and mix them well with a wooden mixing spoon.Please divide the sauce into two halves where the hakf would serve as the marinade for the stir-fry.
Then add the steaks in the marinade bowl and cover the bowl to marinate for 30 minutes or longer.

Make sure that the steak strips are fully coated by the marinade by mixing them well.

Remove the steaks from the marinade and BBQ over a moderate heat on a preheated oiled hot plate or grill for three to four minutes on each side. Remove the steaks and set aside in a warm place covered with foil for four minutes to rest.
Meanwhile, begin frying by heating the sesame oil in a wok in medium high heat on your American stove. Stir-fry the broccoli, the capsicum and the red onion for about three minutes. Add one fourth cup of water and cover the pan, but reduce the temperature until the broccoli is just tender enough. Increase the heat again and toss in the mushrooms with the other half or the reserved oyster sauce mixture. Toss and stir the ingredients very quickly to cook the mushrooms and heat the sauce till it is slightly thickened.
Pour the vegetables over the barbecued steaks and serve immediately while it is hot. This is your main entree and it is great if serve with hot steaming rice.
Enjoy this recipe for stir fry in your own kitchens and please continue stir frying at home.
Author : Miguel Wesley 

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